Kirby and missions

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Re: Kirby and missions

Post by Heber13 » 08 Aug 2018, 14:44

I don't live in Utah, so things are bit different where I live, but I find most people in our ward (and stake) go out of their way (kind of like Mom3) to make sure there is no pressure one way or another, while also being excited for those who choose to go. Why? Because it is the right thing to do if you care about being nice to others and supporting them.

Things I've seen:
- One family had the older son serve a mission. The younger son went into the military and did not serve a mission. Both were asked to speak in sacrament meeting before they left. Upon return of his mission, the older was asked to speak in church. One weekend the younger son showed up in full military uniform. The bishop asked him to stand and be recognized for his service to our country.
- Another family had a son leave for his mission. The family went through divorce. The son did not stay on his mission but came home early. Several families went out of their way to welcome him home, and talk about his next things in life, activity in the singles ward, and job opportunities. Bishop asked if he wanted to speak in church but he didn't want to. He is pretty shy.
- Personally, in our home...I have a son that left on a mission and one step-son who had a bad experience with the prior bishop, and did not want to go on a mission. He is in university, has a job and saving money for his future...he's actually very responsible and doing so well with his choice and is involved in the singles ward. We often talk in church about both sons (I included it in my last take I gave), and what they are doing and how proud of each of them I am. One is not better than the other.

I don't know what other people say behind closed doors (we have our share of gossip)...but what I hear from our bishopric and from families in the ward (like RS president and others) is the support, knowing that lots of circumstances vary. And these young people need all the support then can get.

Our current bishop goes out of his way to support them all as equally as he can, while continuing to encourage all to serve missions and go to the temple if they can. If they don't, they can work on things at their own pace. He does it well.

I like my ward. People seem to realize loving and supporting others with whatever they choose is the best way to go. It could be because we are a smaller ward and deviations from the ideal are so common...people are used to it.

I would say that the fact Kirby is writing about it with his take and it is received well enough he keeps a column going that it shows most people nowadays agree with this. Roulette is at play in different wards.
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Re: Kirby and missions

Post by SamBee » 11 Aug 2018, 17:52

Sounds very like the old English aristocratic families - oldest son got the estate, next went into the military and next into the Anglican clergy traditionally.
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