If you Resigned; What's the process of Re-Entry?

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If you Resigned; What's the process of Re-Entry?

Post by Wonnerful » 05 Apr 2018, 16:42

I resigned over a decade ago for intellectual reasons. I am curious what the process is for re-entry into the LDS church. I did my own Google search and read the Handbook for Bishops and Stake Presidents, but it does not give much detail.

I read some online say you have to attend the LDS church every Sunday for a long time, is that true? But then I read another story of a couple getting baptized right away after resigning?

If anyone knows of any official sources on this question, that would be appreciated.

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Re: If you Resigned; What's the process of Re-Entry?

Post by DarkJedi » 05 Apr 2018, 18:31

I believe the process is very similar to if you had been excommunicated. You're going to need to start with your bishop and it's not as simple as "OK, let's schedule it next week."
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Re: If you Resigned; What's the process of Re-Entry?

Post by dande48 » 05 Apr 2018, 19:25

It's in Handbook 1, which is pretty difficult to get a hold of. I found a 2010 copy here: http://theword.one/wp-content/uploads/2 ... A-2010.pdf. Go to page handbook page 72 / PDF page 76. It's 6.14.4.

I looks like you usually need to wait a year. The Bishop and Stake president will call Salt Lake Headquarters, and get a copy of the records of your resignation, along with whatever letter you sent in. They will ask about why you had your name removed, and why you want back in. They will ask about any serious transgressions you've committed before or since having your name removed. If you were subject to Church Disciplinary Action at the time of removal, you will have to appear before a Disciplinary Council as well. If you committed murder, incest, pedophilia, apostasy, held a prominent position while committing a serious sin, had a transexual operation, or embezzled, you will need First Presidency Approval. You have to meet all the requirements a first time convert would to be rebaptized. You will have your blessings restored in the same manner as if you were excommunicated.

As with EVERYTHING in the Church, it largely comes down to your Bishop, what hoops you'll have to jump through.
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