Will the new ministering program change your level of engagement with "ministering"?

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Re: Will the new ministering program change your level of engagement with "ministering"?

Post by Sheldon » 02 Apr 2018, 13:37

So, as I interpret the new program, if you "Like" somebodies Facebook post, that can count as "Ministering" Same with a "Heart" on Instagram. I love this! :lol:

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Re: Will the new ministering program change your level of engagement with "ministering"?

Post by Roy » 02 Apr 2018, 16:05

Sheldon. I "Heart" your post! :D
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Re: Will the new ministering program change your level of engagement with "ministering"?

Post by Curt Sunshine » 02 Apr 2018, 17:41

No, since that is what I have been doing and suggesting for a long time.
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Re: Will the new ministering program change your level of engagement with "ministering"?

Post by SilentDawning » 02 Apr 2018, 17:54

One of my friends said he was sad they took away the honking option.
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Re: Will the new ministering program change your level of engagement with "ministering"?

Post by nibbler » 08 Apr 2018, 16:44

I haven't read all the comments, I'm trying to play catch up.

Will the new ministering program change your level of engagement with "ministering"?
No, probably not.

I've seen how other churches come together to help people when they need something. Our church does a good job of this as well. When someone is going through a rough patch the church comes together to fix meals, give rides, etc. I think the old HT program created this expectation where we created busywork in the form of lots and lots of visits. Maybe the new program moves us more towards what other churches do? Mobilizing when needed as opposed to tiring because we're always being mobile.

Time will tell.

Here's the deal though. There are a few things I didn't like about HT that remain.

1) Assignments: I'm an introvert. Assigned friends don't work. Assigning me to be someone's friend isn't going to work and assigning someone to be my friend isn't going to work. Assigning me to be someone's companion to go fulfill an assignment doesn't work either. Everything about assignments is a a hurdle for me and it's assignment all the way down.

I get why they do assignments, so no one falls through the cracks. It's just that as an extreme introvert it violates what's at the core of how I form and maintain friendships. That's me. That's okay. If you want to minister to me don't obligate me to participate in this new program.

2) Reporting: Again, I get why they do this. To ensure no one's needs slip through the cracks. I'm a little uncomfortable with reporting on things my friends tell me and I'm uncomfortable with my 'ministering angels' giving a report on my family. IMO that's not what friendships are about. Sharing intimate things with people that get blabbed up some chain. Nope.

It probably won't work that way, it will probably only be a mechanism for relating needs, but who knows? I need intimate friends and I don't know that I can be intimate with a person that is expected to report on how I'm doing.

And interviews now? That feels like more work for the leaders and an opportunity for even more coercion to be applied.

- - -

And what of this? I minister to people. Some are not members of my ward, some aren't even members of the church. They have needs, I'm there for them in a true ministry. But that doesn't "count" and when I say "count" in this context I don't mean get the peer kudos for being a good participant in a church program, I mean if I wear myself out ministering to people outside my assignments I'm considered derelict in my official duties and I'm admonished to complete my assignments in the future.

I guess what I'm saying is that I like my ministering to be more organic and less rule bound. Where artificial boundaries of wards and membership are set up.

Don't get the wrong impression, I love that they're at least trying something new. Props where props are due. It's just that for me, I'm going to continue to minister in my way. Maybe ignore the reporting and just try to be there for people, regardless of assignment.

I may give this the old college try but there's a reason I am the way I am. My ward is already treating the new program like a more laborious flavor of home teaching. There was a real:

Home teaching is dead! Long live home teaching! moment in my ward. I hope this is more than a name change, time will tell.
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