April 2018 Saturday Morning session

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Re: April 2018 Saturday Morning session

Post by nibbler » 08 Apr 2018, 15:39

Disclaimer: I'm not one for pomp.

I must be broken inside because everyone was going on and on about how special the solemn assembly was and I'm sitting there thinking, "Man, this is just a belabored sustaining. If everyone gets up to sustain at the end, then why not go right to the end and save some time?" :angel:

But that's me. I'll be impatient even when I have eternity staring me in the face. ;)

However, I did find it interesting that they didn't even bother asking for opposed votes until the rank and file MP holders were asked to stand. Everyone above that only sustained, they didn't even ask people in that group if there were any opposed.

Formalities and pomp. Beyond my vision I guess.
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