First Sunday Meeting -- how it went

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Re: First Sunday Meeting -- how it went

Post by AmyJ » 09 Apr 2018, 06:25

Our branch recently switched R.S. presidencies. Our new R.S. President requested a special R.S. sister's meeting - they even made arrangements for the brethren to cover the Primary classes so that our Primary sisters can be there. This was all pre-ministering policy updates.

There was some good conversation about what the aim of the change is designed to do. The R.S. President made it clear that changes were underway in the organization with combining our EQ/HP brethren before figuring out how to integrate the ministering elements for both men and women in our branch. Then there was a discussion about how to receive revelation.

I could have been in a better frame of mind (maybe)? I had pushed myself people-wise the day before, so was a little stressed about people. Also, about 15 minutes before it ended, my husband decided to present me with our daughter who theoretically needed to be changed (she didn't really). So I was mildly entertained watching my 19 month old daughter flirt with the sisters in our circle.

<fingers crossed> My husband (a branch executive secretary) is nudging that for some ministering families, that the husband and wives be assigned to minister together. In our case, my husband usually winds up ministering alongside me anyways because we do pretty much everything as a family. It would be the most effective method in our situation - but it is rather more radical (on paper) than some people might want to think.

I have already taken the liberty of emailing our R.S. presidency saying something along the lines of, "We love to serve where we can with our limited resources. Here is a list of families that already minister to us, and would be natural extensions of pre-existing ministering relationships to be called to continue to minister to us. Here is a list of families that we already naturally minister to. I figure this information may be useful and may be a source of revelation - but we are welcome to serving if additional revelation is received." Our new R.S. president was taken back for a minute or so I think (which makes sense given who she is), but when I mentioned the email to her first counselor, the counselor said "Thank you - that information could be helpful" and gave the gist of making their lives easier in the administration side of things.

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Re: First Sunday Meeting -- how it went

Post by Roy » 09 Apr 2018, 09:52

AmyJ wrote:
09 Apr 2018, 06:25
I figure this information may be useful and may be a source of revelation
Love it Amy!
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