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Re: Setting Goals

Post by Roy » 05 Feb 2018, 17:41

I am also a member of Toastmasters. The purpose of toastmasters is to help individuals develop public speaking and leadership skills. There are lots of goals, with recognition/awards tied to achieving those goals. There are individual goals, club goals, all the way up to regional goals.

In order to achieve the individual goals eventually it is required to do some very organizationally centric things - like serving in district office, mentoring a club, or chartering a new club. People will eventually start pushing you to mark off these goals because the higher you go in the organization the more the goals include getting other people to do things (so other people have goals to help you mark off your goals). Some of the responsibilities can be very time consuming and involve a fair amount of travel. You have to be able to say no or you will find yourself burning out.

Ultimately, I observe that most of the people that stick with toastmasters do it for a sense of camaraderie, community, belonging, contributing, and recognition. Achieving the goals is how you reach acceptance and belonging. IMHO.

P.S. Toastmasters is coming up with a new program called pathways that allows for more individualized "pathing" and perhaps goal setting. This appears to be in response to the next generation's failure to embrace the "one size fits all" approach.
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Re: Setting Goals

Post by SilentDawning » 06 Feb 2018, 21:07

Heber13 wrote:
03 Feb 2018, 13:14
My HPGL wants me to lead a discussion tomorrow in 3rd hour council meetings on the topic of how we can achieve our goal to have 150 people attend sacrament meeting by increasing temple attendance.

Any ideas for me?

How do you feel about goals and how would you suggest it be approached?

We can't pressure others to get temple recommends...we can invite...but is it going to be just a pressure-packed initiative? I have my concerns on the goal, and so don't even know how to lead a discussion.
After years of being an HPGL, I found that in our church, where you have a limited number of people draw on, it's best to be a facilitator of goals from the target group you lead. People will do waht they are interested in, and most will pass over goals set for them by someone else.

So, in this case, unless your ward is full of troopers -- 20 percenters (you know, 20% of the people give 80% of the results), I think this initiative is likely to wither on the vine.

Now, to salvage this initiative, I would be inclined, if I was the leader, to hold a brainstorming meeting in whatever meeting is appropriate where everyone gives ideas about how to accomplish this goal. Then, as a leader, feed back the list to to the target group and ask them to check off those methods they are willing to support. Tell people that if they are not passionate about it, then they are free not to turn in the sheet. This alerts you not to invest time trying to drag them into this initiative, and it also shows how much support there is for this initiative. No support? Then consider moving on to a new goal -- set consultatively, not mandated.

If there is support, you may find clear themes in the answer, and be able to actually form a team in some cases, or some people will act alone. Feed that back to the group, and then do a review of progress in two months. Reminders every Sunday....

Giving people agency and the means of getting the job done in ways that match their strengths is the way to success in my style of leadership...
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