On DFU Making it Back to the FP or Becoming Pres

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Re: On DFU Making it Back to the FP or Becoming Pres

Post by mom3 » 20 Jan 2018, 14:45

would love a DFU presidency (think about who he would call as counselors!!).
To soothe my soul, I have been playing Fantasy FB. It's been a lot of fun.

My winning combo is DFU, Patrick Kearon, Elder Causse. (That's using the people we have. But if a nice non-white guy gets a chair, then I am all about that. Even if they are way TBM.)

All my other combo's are a distant second and third place.
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Re: On DFU Making it Back to the FP or Becoming Pres

Post by Gerald » 21 Jan 2018, 08:30

I don't know how much of a difference it would make. Or stated differently, the church can't place all of its hopes in the Uchtdorf basket.
I have to agree with Nibbler's comment here. I certainly appreciate President (now Elder) Uchtdorf and I enjoy his talks and his often moderate approach. But in the end, the LDS Church is what it is: a very culturally conservative organization with a literal approach to its doctrines and beliefs. (That's not a criticism necessarily...that what draws in many new converts and retains many members). My circle of acquaintances all (without exception) love Elder Uchtdorf and they are TBM through and through. If Elder Uchtdorf became President and made radical changes (not saying that's what he'd automatically do) such as, promoting the sanctification of same-sex marriages, he would lose a lot of the membership, regardless of his popularity. My opinion is that if he were to become President of the LDS Church it would remain essentially unchanged in general (though some specific characteristics may be altered).
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Re: On DFU Making it Back to the FP or Becoming Pres

Post by nibbler » 22 Jan 2018, 12:24

https://www.lds.org/church/news/elder-u ... committees

DFU has the assignment of chair of the Correlation Executive Council. Could that have an effect on the overall tone of the church's message?
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