How much to push son towards early morning seminary

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Re: How much to push son towards early morning seminary

Post by QuestionAbound » 11 Jan 2018, 20:45

I was in your situation last school year. My oldest was a senior and was starting to get attitude (new ward, raunchy kids his age, etc.), but he never had attitude in class. In fact, he sat quietly and answered questions if asked. Even at that, his teacher threatened to kick him out b/c he was so quiet in class. That woman! Grr. :x

Anyway, he eventually stopped attending, but mainly b/c I stopped taking him when we had medical issues at home that prevented me from leaving the other kids behind to take my sons to seminary.
Even though he didn't like seminary, I saw him slide even further down the moping path.

I dislike the early morning bit. I disliked his teacher.

BUT - and this is a bit BUT...we changed wards and now I am the new seminary teacher! :crazy:
Actually, and this is the honest to goodness truth. I have come to love this calling and the kids so, so much.
There are days that I drag my sorry butt out of bed and wish I could cancel the class, but I keep going and since I can teach at my house, it works well with my littles here so they can keep sleeping while I teach.

I wouldn't be on this forum if I had not had some type of faith crisis myself. But this past year has been a tremendous source of strength for me. I love the BOM stories. I can honestly say that the gospel truths here are so pure and wonderful. So you know, I separate the Church and the Gospel - they are two different things. So, the gospel is what I teach.

The kids are the ones who remind me that they like the way they start the day. They make it worth my time.

Now, to your question - what is a good reason? From my standpoint now, there is SO much to be gained by a discussion of gospel principles and if the teacher brings lessons to life, then the class is fun.

We have done all sorts of fun/crazy things this year - from water color painting to scavenger hunts to shooting Nerf guns in class - I try to make sure that there is some movement and some interaction.

Sometimes being reminded of the gospel basics and talking about them with peers before going to school can be a build-up.

However, if your teacher is not energetic, and if your son is giving you push-back...then 1: be grateful that your seminary teacher is willing to take on this monster of a calling and 2: find another solution.

Could your son go to class, say 1-2 times a week and then submit homestudy work to the teacher on the off-days?
Could your son take online classes?

I really do think that a study of the scriptures (when viewed from the gospel standpoint) is important. To understand the need for a Savior is a great foundation.

Anyway, hope it helps!

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