Objectionable Quote -- does this bother you?

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Re: Objectionable Quote -- does this bother you?

Post by nibbler » 12 Nov 2017, 12:53

Roy wrote:
12 Nov 2017, 10:59
I do not know who exactly it was that Jesus was talking about in "them also which shall believe on me through their word". Are these Catholics? Evangelicals? SDA? JW? LDS? All Christianity? Just those that heard and accepted the message in the first hundred or so years before it became corrupted?
IMO it's a good thing that Jesus wasn't specific. It places us in a position to be more inclusive of others. If Jesus had been more specific we may limit ourselves to praying for just the specific group mentioned but since he was vague it really opens us up to more possibilities.
And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold

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Re: Objectionable Quote -- does this bother you?

Post by richalger » 08 Dec 2017, 16:19

Roy Wrote:
I can have my opinion. I propose that it would be very strange for just temple sealed Mormons (going back to the quote in the OP) to be this group that are "one" with Jesus and the Father. I also propose that if this "oneness" is at all related to the oneness that we are to seek for in our marriages then it cannot mean sameness or uniformity. We can disagree without being disagreeable. We can stand holding hands, even without seeing eye to eye.

Because I cannot imagine that Jesus was talking about just the adherents of one small denomination, I assume that he must have been talking about a group of people that have differences in the tenets of their faith. People that are not necessarily on the same page, but are reading from the same book and wish to travel in the same direction. How else might we be one with individuals or groups that are different than us?
I see that those that are one with God are those that live according to his teachings or are willing to continue in the path such that they will live according to His teachings. I see this set of people that will obtain the highest degree of the Celestial Kingdom. I believe that a sub-set of those sealed in their lifetimes in the temple will obtain this. There are many, many that will accept this covenant after they have died. They are also part of the One that God and Jesus and the Holy Ghost enjoy.

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