GA's as Doctrinal Scholars

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Re: GA's as Doctrinal Scholars

Post by 51Mag » 04 Jun 2017, 10:49

SilentDawning wrote:
30 May 2017, 15:44
They get it through self-study, and from serving a mission. Some will have attended Seminary and get it from there. One leader told me that if the person is busy in the church with leadership, they attend very few PH meetings and SS lessons, so their mission and youth is where they learn the principles.
Well, here I go, my first reply. I was baptized at age 26 and called to be Bishop at age 39. I was not brought up in the Church and of course, I didn't serve a mission. I am no way a scholar in any sort of way. But I do know the doctrine and understand the administrative things of the Church. Your statement made me stop and think about where did I learn the Gospel and Teachings? I guess through personal study and observation. I also think that 3 hours of Church, 52 weeks a year and 13 years that is 2028 hours of Church. That is no other meetings which have to be close to matching that same amount of hours. No wonder I am burnt out!

I also agree with the statement that so and so said it so I will quote that and then someone quotes what I said etc etc. This is how things get exaggerated and the philosophies of men get interjected into the Church. We all have different strengths, some of us have the ability to pick up things and retain them. I don't have that gift but I wish I did. I bet a lot of the GA's have that sort of gift.

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