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Re: Visiting Teaching message promotion?

Post by squarepeg » 06 Mar 2017, 11:30

Ann wrote: There seems to be this fear - we can't have women and men equal before God in the temple, because who knows what "they'd do" then! That's right, who knows. Why do fearful people assume it'll be bad? Maybe all these baby steps are nothing compared to the positive energy that would flow in this church if we dignified women in the temple.
Yes! Some things are worth the risk!

I like the baby leash analogy.

It seems the church should have no reason to fear what could happen if we grant full equality to women, because if it goes badly, the church can just revoke it. That's the lovely thing about Mormonism: we try weird stuff! If it works, we keep it! If it fails, we trash it! The Word of Wisdom seems to work so we keep it. The garments tying around wrists and ankles wasn't working so we changed it. Having auxiliaries meet on Sunday rather than on weekdays is working so we keep it. Polygamy became a hindrance to attaining our broader goals so we scrapped it. Historically we're not risk-averse. I wonder why the fear, now. I feel like fear also drives a lot of the Pharisaical rules we give the youth about sleeve length, dating behavior, etc., rather than teaching them correct principles and letting them govern themselves, with some individualized guidance. But that's a topic for another day.

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