Temple Covenants Questions

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Re: Temple Covenants Questions

Post by mom3 » 06 Oct 2017, 13:07

Amy wrote
<speaks from experience>
Yes - but you can't go through the veil on behalf of an individual if you lose the paper in the endowment room. As the last female to go through, you get to be escorted by the temple worker (who also can't find the paper) around the veil experience into the Celestial Room (if you choose to).
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I would not be surprised if that was my entrance into heaven. The only thing topping that is having your dress on backwards. Who knew they could be?

Secondly - thanks for popping up so many good threads. Really enjoying them again. Keep it up.
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Curt Sunshine
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Re: Temple Covenants Questions

Post by Curt Sunshine » 06 Oct 2017, 13:32

One of the reasons I love small temples is that you can't lose something in the endowment room. In our temple, the Temple Preaidency will help search for it. :D
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Re: Temple Covenants Questions

Post by AmyJ » 12 Apr 2018, 07:59

Hi Curt,
I forgot to mention that it was one of the small temples this real life experience actually occurred in. I guess I am that gifted at losing things :P

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Re: Temple Covenants Questions

Post by SamBee » 12 Apr 2018, 15:24

"Legally and lawfully" is a tautology.
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