Michael Quinn wrapping up "Yr. of Polygamy" at fMh Podcast

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Michael Quinn wrapping up "Yr. of Polygamy" at fMh Podcast

Post by Ann » 22 Jun 2015, 18:51


Interesting interview - more like a monologue - with Michael Quinn. He discusses Joseph F. Smith's duplicity (his word, not mine), but I'm not sure there really is an explanation. I had no idea that Heber J. Grant had transformed virtually overnight from ardent supporter to equally ardent opponent. It seemed like a very personal crisis for him, for which Quinn doesn't really have an easy explanation, either.

He touches a little on how the mess of it all gave rise to the fundamentalist movement, but I know there must be other fMh podcasts on that.

He talks about "theocratic ethics" which he describes as the non-pejorative of "lying for the Lord."

Final little snippet at the end: He thinks the church was wrong to require African men to abandon polygamous wives except one as a condition of receiving the priesthood. Or maybe baptism, too. Not sure.
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