Can I complain about garments?

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Re: Can I complain about garments?

Post by Joni » 19 Jun 2015, 08:52

You guys want to hear something truly shocking? I'm cleaning out my bedroom today and I came across a bag of old garments. (They are maternty garments. My youngest is seven. Yeah...) And I simply threw them away. I didn't cut them up to be unrecognizable and I didn't burn the markings. Frankly, after three pregnancies + years in storage my old maternity garments are nasty. I have no desire to spend twenty minutes putting my hands all over them.

The way I see it, the cutting them up is so people don't come across them in the trash (who's digging through my trash? And why would they be more interested in old underwear than, IDK, a credit card bill?) and figure out what they look like. But, ever since the Church newsroom put out the garment video, I've come to the conclusion that we are no longer obligated to keep the design a secret. As far as burning the seals... that's always struck me as particularly culty, especally since my faith transition. If the garments aren't magical or mystical in any way (as the newsroom video claims) then what is the purpose of cutting them up and burning them? Plus, all that polyester is going to produce some unpleasant fumes.

Basically, I've decided that since I didn't actually covenant to it in the temple, I am no longer going to consider myself beholden to the rules of garment disposal that aren't actually written down anywhere (at least not that I can access; it might be in CHI Vol. 1) and are only spread via word of mouth. So I put my old G's in the trash can.. But I still did it when my husband was at work so he doesn't find out :oops:

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Re: Can I complain about garments?

Post by Ann » 19 Jun 2015, 12:11

Joni wrote: And I simply threw them away.
Been there, too. I still have and wear garments sometimes. I don't hate them, like I've been trying to stress, but when I don't need the particular ones in my hand, I also simply throw them away. I don't do it gleefully, but it is a relief to have cut them down to an appropriate size in my own mind.
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Re: Can I complain about garments?

Post by slowlylosingit » 19 Jun 2015, 19:07

Joni, I totally agree with this. I have started just throwing them away now too. Which for some reason was very liberating! I was actually really annoyed with that video because I had been told how sacred they were and that we don't show them to people. I was also taught to cut out the symbols and burn them. The video made all of that frustrating to me. Guess they aren't that sacred anymore. But, like Ann, I still wear them and most of the time, but I really wish I could just stop. Partly habit, partly family garment checking , I just can't bring myself to completely be done with them. So I take that as a sign I am not quite ready. But I am so bloody hot already this summer, dang layers!

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Re: Can I complain about garments?

Post by Eternity4me » 19 Jun 2015, 22:24

Slowly, I feel the same. I have recently been wearing them a little less. Maybe just the top or the bottom, depending on how obvious it is. I feel so much cooler without them, and much more free. In fact my clothes fit better. But my husband has no idea and I don't intend to tell him. I just change my clothes when he is not in the room. I don't even feel guilty about it, and that is huge for me. They have lost their magic to me, just a bit. I remember the first time they were put on my body in the temple, it was as though something that had been missing all my life was now there. It was strangely comforting. I wish they still gave me that comfort but they don't. They have become mortal, if that makes sense.

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