Did God really help you find a boat?

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Re: Did God really help you find a boat?

Post by AmyJ » 20 Apr 2018, 12:21

mercyngrace wrote:
06 Aug 2014, 05:45
These days, I pray harder than I ever did when I spent hours on my knees but I don't pray for God to do things for me. Instead. I pray that God will give me the strength to answer my own prayers and to answer the prayers of others as I try to live out my flawed but earnest discipleship.
This might be for me.

For our pathways class Attribute Projects, I chose the principle of "Charity" because I felt that it would be the most worthwhile to me no matter where I ended up belief wise.

It was interesting to me to see that at the same time as I was practicing being charitable to my family, my family worked harder to reset the paradigm to what they knew and loved (i.e. pushed my buttons harder) before coming full circle and being more charitable and respectful towards me.

It is very scary to start conceptualizing what "being an Adult of God" means - both in general terms and in my personal terms before I can put it into practice. But it is very liberating to conceptualize "for the first time in forever" that I am an agent unto myself and I can give myself the authority and power to go out into the world and kick butt by trading up in my personal choices:)

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Re: Did God really help you find a boat?

Post by AmyJ » 20 Apr 2018, 12:51

Unknown wrote:
01 Sep 2014, 06:02
I can appreciate that, Cadence. I guess for me, it's near impossible not to trust that voice, because it is the most reasonable. I think "that voice" means different things to different people.

A while back I would attribute almost anything to that voice, things like "turn left here, there might be someone who is ready to hear the gospel." This was a destructive approach for me because I became hypersensitive and was always worried about being worthy so I could receive "guidance".

The difference now is that I see that voice as the thoughts that lead me to clearly do good. While "don't buy any pizza today", seems small, it is good because it is important to eat healthy and moderation and all that.

I think we may be talking past each other because "that voice", for me, is probably what some would call their own common sense. And we all disobey our own common sense from time to time.

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The semantic part of my faith transition is whether that "voice in my head" has been God, or has been my imperfect perspective, or both, or neither.

Sometimes it feels like wearing a pair of glasses that were OK, and going in and finding out that glasses were the wrong prescription for me, and the solution is to take away the glasses I had so i get to stumble around blindly for a while until I find a new eye doctor who can give me the correct prescription.

And everyone else has glasses that work for them...

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