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Tom Haws
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Help Formatting Your Posts

Post by Tom Haws » 20 Jul 2009, 12:58

To quote somebody's post, find the Quote button near the ! exclamation mark button (above their post to the right by default). Click it instead of "Reply" Then snip, paste, and add as desired. It will look like this:

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[quote="Tom Haws"]a good point[/quote]
I liked that point
To make a link, click the link button, which will give you [ u r l ] [ / u r l ] . Then add a = and the url so it looks like this:

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[url=]Help Formatting Your Posts[/url]
To make a bullet list, click the List button, which will give you [ l i s t ] [ / l i s t ] . Then reformat it and click the * button so your list looks like this:

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[*]blah blah 
[*]blah blah blah
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Brian Johnston
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Re: Help Formatting Your Posts

Post by Brian Johnston » 20 Jul 2009, 14:32

Good stuff! Thanks Tom. I made this post "sticky" so it stays up top.
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