What does "I know this church is true" mean?

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Re: What does "I know this church is true" mean?

Post by SilentDawning » 06 Apr 2014, 05:33

It can mean a lot of different things.

1. For some it means "I really believe this"
2. For others it means "this is the influence of the church culture encouraging me to say something everyone else says".
3. For some, i believe they have truly had spiritual experiences that convinced them its true. Extraordinary experiences.

But like any shop-worn phrase, it loses its meaning over time. It means nothing to me when I hear it now.

What matters to me is what ONE brother did the other day to me in our new Ward. Everyone ignores us there now, but he always comes over and talks to me about something of interest. THOSE words matter because they show unscripted charity, and that matters more than any shop-worn statement of belief that can't be substantiated.
"It doesn't have to be about the Church (church) all the time!" -- SD

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Re: What does "I know this church is true" mean?

Post by Bruce in Montana » 06 Apr 2014, 08:32

I have a huge problem with members/missionaries that throw around the word "true".
It's ok to believe, have faith, feel with all your heart, etc. but claiming some cultural/traditional/mormon-only definition of such a commonly accepted word is not "ok" at all. I call it "Utah-speak"....and it accounts for no small amount of eye-rolling from the general public.
"True" implies, at least I think it is supposed to imply, much more provable data that "I know the Church is true" does. Although members/missionaries don't seem to mind if the general public, or each other, take their meaning of "true" to mean much more than it does.
I can recall little children, who know Santa Claus is "true", standing up and saying that little phrase in F&T meetings.
THAT, is cult mentality at it's worst. IMHO.
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