The hallway class

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Re: The hallway class

Post by meggle » 11 Dec 2013, 23:20

Angel, I went through months and months of crying almost every time I went to church! I just want to say I get it, and reach out and give you virtual hugs! I go to Taco Bell during Sunday school. :thumbup: RS I can usually handle. Especially if I'm buoyed up by a chalupa and some caffeine!

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Post by ihhi » 14 Dec 2013, 13:27

I was attending the hallway class without hassle but eventually got to the point where I realized that the kids were distracting me in SM so I wasn't getting anything there or in the hallway. At that point I stopped attending.

A couple months back I decided to give things another try. Tried attending all my meetings which ended up with me longing for the hallway class... Which means I am comfortable taking a bit more time off.

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