Do you take the sacrament?

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Re: Do you take the sacrament?

Post by MissEyre » 05 Sep 2013, 21:21

I've always felt like the church places a lot of personal accountability on your decision on whether or not to take the sacrament. As such, I really think it boils down to your relationship to god. God knows my faults and weaknesses and he still lets me know that it's ok to commune with him. The sacrament is one of the few things that I still really enjoy about going to church.
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Re: Do you take the sacrament?

Post by Heber13 » 06 Sep 2013, 11:00

at times, I think the bishops ask people to not take the sacrament for a period of time as penance. It can be a useful tool sometimes to help a person build a desire, or to humble themselves, and to appreciate it more when they can take it again according to the bishop's judgment.

Unless a bishop tells you specifically not to take it, I think you can take it and be just fine.

It is a symbolic way to renew our baptismal covenants, including the Lord's promise to forgive you of sins and bless you with the spirit. The ones that are imperfect are the ones that need to the sacrament the most. That would be all of us.
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Re: Do you take the sacrament?

Post by hawkgrrrl » 06 Sep 2013, 11:13

I think it's just saying I'm going to do my best in the coming week to follow the teachings of Christ. Your question actually sparked a thought about orthopraxy (correct action) vs. orthodoxy (correct belief). While I think the church believes it is about orthodoxy, in reality, it seems far more interested in orthopraxy to me. From Wikipedia: Orthopraxy is a term derived from modern Greek ὀρθοπραξία (orthopraxia) meaning "correct action/activity" or an emphasis on conduct, both ethical and liturgical, as opposed to faith or grace etc.[1][2][3] This contrasts with orthodoxy, which emphasizes correct belief, and ritualism, the use of rituals.[4]

When we think of the sacrament, it is a ritual that we don't partake of because of a lack of adherence to the rules, not necessary a lack of belief. At least that's the way I've always seen it.

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Re: Do you take the sacrament?

Post by Roadrunner » 06 Sep 2013, 16:14

My ward's bishop believes that telling people to *not* take the sacrament is counter productive. If he finds a youth is struggling with pornography, alcohol, drugs, whatever, he tells them to make sure they take the sacrament and think about what it means. If it's a priest or a deacon (e.g. who publicly administer the sacrament) who's struggling, he discretely asks the quorum advisor to ensure it's their turn to bless or pass. I know he occassionally asks adults to not take the sacrament for more serious sins but I think it's because he feels obligated to.

Less serious tone - he jokingly says if males who view pornography can't bless or pass the sacrament then nobody could do it.

Personally, the sacrament is one of the more meaningful ordinances. It's simple, relatively straightforward in it's symbolism (vs the temple), and beautiful in a way. Take the sacrament, think of Christ, try to better yourself, in a room with lots of people trying improve themselves and serve others. I take the sacrament every week.

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