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Mormon Stories

Post by swimordie » 05 Feb 2010, 00:19

John Dehlin has a great new podcast on his re-started Mormon Stories website:

It's about the recent history of John's endeavor, where he and it is now, and where he'd like it to go. It's inspiring!

His vision (as well as the moderators here) are what make this site possible, and for that, I am eternally indebted. Check it out and, if you can, contribute to that cause.
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Re: Mormon Stories

Post by George » 06 Feb 2010, 18:21

I listened to John's "Mormon Stories #118" today and immediately arranged to listen again with my youngest TBM son this evening. I can't believe how much I link to John's experience. I recently wrote (before hearing #118) my wishes concerning my funeral (I'm healthy, but three score & ten has arrived). I didn't want the "Plan" presented at my memorial, so asked for a Unitarian/Universalist service. To listen to John identify himself as a "Unitarian/Universalist Mormon," how sweet! I've also studied with several tiny BoM churches for half a century. To listen to John identify them as part of our combined Mormon experience, astonishing... it made my day.

There are those who seem to think John's path is rarely traveled. I don't know. But for this old Native American codger, my moccasins do tread the same path. I can enjoy Mormon culture and support my children and grandchildren in the church. I won't see their weddings, because I have set aside temple Mormonism. But the goodness of LDS people, and especially my love of Christ Jesus can remain intact. It is enough. "I add no more" (JS - King Follett address - 1844).

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