Being Muzzled!

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Re: Being Muzzled!

Post by Heber13 » 01 Feb 2010, 11:35

I like the teachers that prepare the material and get the lesson objective across as described in the manual. If their material is brought from other sources, I'm ok with it if it gets the objective across. If the material is changing the message or adding unnecessary detail...maybe it should be avoided.

I don't usually get as much from teachers who try to go off on their own tangents and find "new" material we've never heard of to make it interesting. That's when they get away from the purpose of the lesson.

I think the warning from church leaders shouldn't be about what material to use, but what message we are trying to teach. Keep the lesson the the doctrine and on point, and use personal revelation (impressions) on how to present it.

I also love it when teachers don't try to answer all questions, but boomerang it back to ask the class what they think, or just encourage people to study on their own for their own interpretations of things. The teacher doesn't have to be the most knowledgeable of the class.
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Re: Being Muzzled!

Post by bridget_night » 01 Feb 2010, 11:38

Thanks Everyone for all your comments. It always gives me perspective!! I wish we could all meet some day and have a big party!

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Re: Being Muzzled!

Post by Curt Sunshine » 01 Feb 2010, 13:37

Oh, and having said what I said, I also promised my Primary kids each time I taught that I would teach them something from the lesson each week that their older siblings (and maybe even their parents) didn't know.

They LOVED that - and it wasn't all that hard. :o
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Re: Being Muzzled!

Post by Tom Haws » 01 Feb 2010, 14:30

I love it! Great going, Ray!
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