God be with you till we hit the slopes

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God be with you till we hit the slopes

Post by Daughter1 » 14 Apr 2019, 21:21

Important context for this story: I live in Denver, CO. Not in Utah.

I intended to go skiing this past Thursday. A big winter storm made the pass I needed to go over unsafe for my little sedan. I woke up that morning, prayed and told Heavenly Father that I really wanted the pass to be clear. If it wasn't, I still planned to ski, but the next day I could go would be Sunday. I would leave it up to Him to arrange things if He so chose. The pass was open, but the road cams showed it was still snow-packed. I stayed home.

This morning (Sunday) I got up early and loaded up my car to drive up for what's likely my last day for this season. I was excited. Didn't feel any guilt (I've rarely felt guilty for skipping church). Was mostly just ready to hit the road. All of my top 3 favorite radio stations were on commercial when I got in the car, so I swapped over to what I call the Christmas channel. Every city has one, I'm sure. They play non-offensive hits from the past 3 decades or so most of the year, then play 24/7 Christmas music starting mid-November. Well, I jumped over there and they had some guy speaking about love. He had a very nice, soothing presenter voice. A familiar voice. And what he was saying sounded like something out of General Conference. I was very confused. Then the singing started up and that also sounded very familiar. It sounded like TabCATS. No - it was TabCATS. My local station was broadcasting Music and the Spoken Word.

While my first reaction was shock and awe, my second thought has been verified by a quick bit of Google-fu. Bonneville Distribution owns the station. My last thought was an amused realization that this could be considered a divine indication of support for my skipping church to ski.

I thought people here would find this funny. I'm also now curious just how far Bonneville networks extend. If anyone knows, I would love to know.
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Re: God be with you till we hit the slopes

Post by DarkJedi » 15 Apr 2019, 08:25

I would rather our sacrament meetings be more like Music and the Spoken Word. Truth is I watched MatSW most Sundays in my inactive years and I continue to do so most Sundays. I am often more uplifted by MatSW than by SM.
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Re: God be with you till we hit the slopes

Post by Roy » 15 Apr 2019, 11:59

That is an interesting alignment of events. More power to you to take your inspiration where you can find it! :thumbup:
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Re: God be with you till we hit the slopes

Post by Curt Sunshine » 15 Apr 2019, 14:33

I love it.

Bonneville owns stations all around the country. I know a couple of non-members who work for stations owned by Bonneville, and they like the culture (including some paid time off for service).
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