oh no!

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Re: oh no!

Post by nibbler » 25 Feb 2020, 07:42

Roy wrote:
24 Feb 2020, 16:18
I am in favor of increasing the inactivity timeout to 120 minutes.
LookingHard wrote:
25 Feb 2020, 05:50
WAIT!! I thought the whole purpose of this site was to "STAY LDS", not encourage inactivity!!!!
It's the two hour block. The church took one hour away to get you there. We had to add one to get you there.
The wound is the place where the light enters you.
— Rumi

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Re: oh no!

Post by LDS_Scoutmaster » 26 Feb 2020, 15:53

Welcome PTL!

I hit the back button twice and I end up at my original post before I tried to post it. Then I copy to clipboard and login.
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Re: oh no!

Post by Pinetreelover » 25 Apr 2020, 21:02

Oh my gosh!!! I just saw all your replies for the first time. I am beyond thrilled that almost all my favorite people on here replied. I just successfully submitted a long intro. Seriously, I'm smiling ear to ear because of your awesome replies. Thank you for the welcome. I read from the forum every day and I don't know how I missed all your replies to this post.

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