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new face

Post by Gingerbat » 25 May 2015, 15:55

Hi! I guess this is the point where I can introduce myself huh? Well I'm a mid twenties kid that has been, not struggling with beliefs in the church per say, just struggling in general. I was very very active until I started traveling for work, traveling with non-mormons, and though I've had a wonderful time just sight seeing and all, I've also had a hard time staying active and strong in the church, and its led to me drinking again. I guess I mainly came here to try and connect with some LDS people.

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Re: new face

Post by Heber13 » 25 May 2015, 16:04

Howdy Gingerbat! Thanks for stopping by.

What have been some interesting travel spots for you??
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Re: new face

Post by amateurparent » 25 May 2015, 17:53


Looking forward to hearing more from you and about you.
I have no advance degrees in parenting. No national credentials. I am an amateur parent. I read, study, and learn all I can to be the best parent possible. Every time I think I have reached expert status with one child for one stage in their life, something changes and I am back to amateur status again. Now when I really mess up, I just apologize to my child, and explain that I am indeed an amateur .. I'm still learning how to do this right.

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Re: new face

Post by Gingerbat » 25 May 2015, 17:57

I've stayed state side, but all up and down the east coast has been a blast! Virginia was my favorite. But put me near an ocean, and I'll be happy with life ha

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Re: new face

Post by DarkJedi » 25 May 2015, 18:20

Welcome. This is a safe place and there are good people here.

You say you started drinking again, indicating you have struggled with the WoW before. What did you do then to overcome your challenges?

FWIW, I generally think that most of the old married guys who are bishops and stake presidents have no clue what it's like to be young, single, and LDS today.
In the absence of knowledge or faith there is always hope.

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Re: new face

Post by Gingerbat » 25 May 2015, 18:42

Young, single, LDS and divorced, and I didn't serve a mission, so my chances in the mormon dating pool are either sink, or just get out it feels like.

I fell away from the church around 16, and began taking the wrong roads. I started going back to church shortly after my divorce, and stayed pretty good, even got my priesthood reestablished. However I didn't take an account that with my new job, and brewing dark thoughts, my loneliness would take me to new rock bottoms. So I'm trying to at least conquer the loneliness part someone.

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Re: new face

Post by Gingerbat » 25 May 2015, 18:44

Back then I had a good friend to support me, and keep me focused on what's right. But we don't speak anymore, practically estranged from one another at this point

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Re: new face

Post by Ann » 25 May 2015, 18:58

Gingerbat wrote:However I didn't take an account that with my new job, and brewing dark thoughts, my loneliness would take me to new rock bottoms.
Hi, Gingerbat :wave: We're glad you're here. It's a safe and supportive place, so feel free to share. It might have been someone here who recently quoted J.K. Rowling, and your comment brought it to mind:
"Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life."
I never thought of it that way. Good luck as you journey on and rebuild.
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Re: new face

Post by SilentDawning » 25 May 2015, 19:06

Welcome. Looking forward to learning more about you, and how our perspectives may be able to help each other...Welcome!
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Re: new face

Post by Curt Sunshine » 25 May 2015, 20:50


Most of our discussions here are about things that cause us to struggle in the Church and attempts to help each other find solutions, one way or another.

In that light, have you tried something like Alcoholics Anonymous? Also, you mentioned dark throughputs. Are you prone to clinical depression or something similar? If so, have you sought and/or gotten counseling or some other kind of help.

We embrace all kinds of ways to cope with issues, and there is NO stigma here about any of the things I mentioned above and more.

Finally, I often recommend reading through our archives to see if anything from the past resonates and helps in some way - but I might not suggest that if you don't really struggle with doctrinal things. Much of our stuff focuses on that sort of thing, and you don't need to dig into that if you aren't prone to be bothered greatly by those things. Perhaps, for you, sufficient unto tomorrow (or next year or never) are the doctrinal discussions we have here.
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Even if people view many things differently, the core Gospel principles (LOVE; belief in the unseen but hoped; self-reflective change; symbolic cleansing; striving to recognize the will of the divine; never giving up) are universal.

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