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Posted: 16 Apr 2014, 08:43
by Notchet
T’was good to recently find StayLDS...where one can anonymously question, doubt, and contribute. There have been times when I seriously considered resigning my church membership, but for now, to keep the peace I’m just doing church on my own terms, and finding this method quite liberating. No matter what, Mormonism will always be my tribe because I speak the language fluently and still appreciate much of the culture and beliefs. My background: BIC, BK (bishop’s kid), RM, BYU grad, MIT, HP, stake HC .

Since receiving my own endowment years ago, the temple ritual has been problematic for me. Once I no longer needed a TR to remain employed I made an appointment with my SP and turned it in. When the SP asked why, I just said, “The temple’s plagiarized masonic ritual”. Fortunately, when it comes to the church, my DW and I have been on the same sheet of music all along. She elected to simply let her TR lapse and not renew it. We still love the Lord and do not plan to fall off the deep end with our morals and values....we just won’t be toting Lodge Membership Cards (TRs) any longer.

Our respective families of origin and adult children are involved at various levels of activity, from fully engaged to inactive. We plan to continue to pay tithing “on our increase”, pray, and attend SM on a “fairly regular” basis.

We fully understand what we are giving up by saying no thanks to the temple experience. If the church were to ever drop the masonic parts of the endowment and the wearing of peculiar temple garb and replace those practices with something more uplifting and edifying, the church might be able to stop their endless campaigns to get members to attend the temple more often. JS’s polyandry and the church’s lack of financial transparency are other issues which also give us pause.

It is an exciting time to be less invested in the church yet still have a front row seat at the “Reformation of Mormonism”. I believe the LDS Church’s survival depends upon how our leaders navigate the current troubled waters.

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Posted: 16 Apr 2014, 09:03
by Orson
Welcome Notchet,

You are among friends here. I am going to make a statement that is broader than your introduction and is not aimed directly at you but it is on my mind at the moment. We do have a specific mission here to remain mostly positive and constructive about church membership and activity. We sometimes remember this on some days better than others.

We do not support any organized efforts to reform the church.

I'm not saying you intended to imply that in any way by referring to "Reformation of Mormonism", I see continuing revelation in a way as a form of a natural "continual reformation" if you will. I just wanted to say what is on my mind.

Again, welcome!

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Posted: 16 Apr 2014, 09:31
by DarkJedi
Welcome. Many of us here have questions and doubts about the history and doctrine of the church and this place is a good sounding board. I love the feedback and interaction here and hope you find the peace you seek as well.

Frankly, I'm not particularly bothered by the whose Masonic thing - if that's how God wanted it done, so be it. While I have not been to the temple in many years I see beyond that. That said, I'm a much more doctrine questioning type than history questioning type.

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Posted: 16 Apr 2014, 10:14
by Curt Sunshine

Not everything that bothers some of us bothers others of us, but we are hear to help each other remain involved (to varying degrees).