Reformation Sunday

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Reformation Sunday

Post by mom3 » 31 Oct 2017, 14:00

Today is the 500 Anniversary of the Lutheran Church. History holds that Martin Luther boldly posted a treatise on the door which started the schism away from Catholicism. (For more on that viewtopic.php?f=6&t=8583)

I imagine the upheaval was tremendous. Families and communities broken and devastated. Much like people leaving the one true Mormon church over it's teachings, choices, and practices.

Luther's work echoed through Europe with abruptness.

This weekend was Reformation Sunday in most Lutheran Congregations. The addition of it being a 500 year anniversary made the event even larger. I serve on the task force for a homeless shelter that runs out of one the Lutheran Congregations in our area. I have watched the anticipation and organization of a day of celebration roll forth.

Banners of the Reformers were hung in the foyer. Service projects were created. A linger longer lunch was organized. The children's Sunday School put on a re enactment of the events. And a fireside was held in the evening. Every one of these events were participated in with a local Catholic Church. They worshipped together. Ate together. Prepared hygiene kits together. The final fireside was the head of these two churches talking about changes, growth, and joys the once separated communities now share.

I thought about us, as I left that night. Where will we be in 300 more years? Will we work side by side with the outcast from among us. Will we hold Fireside's with people we have excommunicated and rejoice in the good things we now share. I won't be around when our 500th party happens, but I would like to hope that our story will move in the direction it has for Catholicism and Lutheranism.
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Re: Reformation Sunday

Post by dande48 » 31 Oct 2017, 19:39

That is quite the anniversary! God bless Martin Luther.
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