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Re: Semi-active

Post by Heber13 » 30 Mar 2017, 10:52

nibbler wrote:
30 Mar 2017, 05:10
Language and cultural problems "-ites"
SamBee wrote:
30 Mar 2017, 06:18
it's the Samsonites that worry me
LookingHard wrote:
30 Mar 2017, 07:19
the "vegemites"
...perhaps...Widow's mites?

I dont' know what "ites" they are referring to...the slides really should be more specific. I don't see a problem with widow's mites, personally. :eh:
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Re: Semi-active

Post by DarkJedi » 30 Mar 2017, 11:20

nibbler wrote:
30 Mar 2017, 05:10
Thread jack.

You remember those slides that enumerated "issues and ideas leading people away from the gospel?" One of the things that was mentioned was:

Language and cultural problems "-ites"

At church it's extremely common to hear labels like inactive, semi-active, worthy, in good standing, and investigator being applied to people. "-ites"

Good standingite.
Full titherite

It may be useful to categorize for reporting purposes but these -ites labels have worked themselves into our everyday conversation. I wonder whether that is leading people away from the gospel.
I think there are lots of -ites in the church. Family-history-ites and prepper-ites just to name a couple. To me they're all missing-the-mark-ites. :P
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Re: Semi-active

Post by dande48 » 30 Mar 2017, 12:14

It's all very ambiguous. Semi active means someone who is less involved in the church, than their church leaders would like them to be. What the requirements are, depends on the Church leader. It could be a member, without a temple recommend. It could be a member who only attends church 50% of the time. It could be a member who wants to attend church, but can't for health reasons. Or it could be a very inactive member, who hasn't yet asked to be on the "Do not contact" list.
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