Interview with Kenneth W. Godfrey

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Interview with Kenneth W. Godfrey

Post by Gerald » 22 Jan 2017, 07:57

This will be of interest to those REALLY into LDS Church history stuff. I took a class from Kenneth Godfrey many, many years ago. He is (I think he is still alive at this writing) a very nice man. I remember enjoying his class. He also had some very interesting anecdotes to tell with respect to the study of Church history (I particularly enjoy the story of him "sneaking" a copy of a potentially controversial document from out of the LDS Church Archives). He comes from a very faith-based perspective (for those not into that) but that's not really the focus of the interview. ... ODFREY.pdf
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Re: Interview with Kenneth W. Godfrey

Post by Ann » 23 Jan 2017, 17:13

Thanks for posting that. I was skimming pretty quickly, but also found this interesting:
I liked the first paragraph where he talks about his teachers.
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Re: Interview with Kenneth W. Godfrey

Post by mom3 » 23 Jan 2017, 22:50

I have two or three notes from his wife Audrey.

I was working on a project that she had presented a paper on, we wrote notes back and forth. She was very generous. She mentioned that they were on Leonard Arrington's staff. This was years before FC. I was impressed. Now I am doubly impressed. They worked in Nauvoo for a while and taught at the Joseph Smith institute. She sent me a book they wrote about polygamy. I think reading it helped me move through the shock that happens for most of us. It was all based on journals and accounts from women of all sides of polygamy.

Thanks for posting this, I will enjoy it tomorrow.
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