The big one: Being a woman in the temple.

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Re: The big one: Being a woman in the temple.

Post by journeygirl » 08 Oct 2014, 13:33

I sure hope so, nibbler.

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Re: The big one: Being a woman in the temple.

Post by Roy » 12 Oct 2014, 14:46

journeygirl wrote: I worry that we may be wrong about how heaven is governed. One of my biggest religious fears is that those scriptures and the temple are how God really views women. The fact that Heavenly Mother is not worshiped (or mentioned at all) seems to imply that women are less than men in heaven. I assume the temple wording will change over time too, and remove those parts but I don't know if that will completely take away my concern, since I don't know if I should believe that they were wrong back then or that we are now. :(
In regards to this discussion DW surprised me by saying "But God is sexist." I asked her to explain further and she mentioned how "Most people believe that He is a polygamist with many wives. How could so many good people come to an erroneous view of God unless it was based in truth."

My response to this is that MOST people do not believe this about God. Most people that believe in a Judeo-Christian concept of God do not believe him to be married at all. Speaking of LDS, I venture to say that MOST if polled would not count God as a polygamist.

This does not mean that Judeo-Christianity is not sexist. I believe that to come largely from the fact that when the scriptures were being written down women were very clearly second class citizens with severly limited rights. I find it interesting the lengths that my pastor friend goes to in order to justify and explain Paul's sexist statements. To him it is not possible that Paul was just sexist and wrong on some things.

I very much hope that we LDS with our continuing modern revelation can progress fastor than our "solo scriptura" brothers and sisters - but that remains to be seen.

But it very much bothers me that my smart accomplished wife would think that she will always be second fiddle in the economy of heaven. In a way it is as though she is afraid to reclaim a full share of the divine inheritance because she has been conditioned to believe that she doesn't deserve it.
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