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Re: Online Seminary

Posted: 25 Aug 2020, 15:59
by Curt Sunshine
What bothers me the most is that the online option glaringly favors higher social-economic families. It puts those already in a higher risk group most at risk.

Frankly, I probably would point that out to my leaders - but I have the social capital to do it with at least a chance of them listening.

There are other things that bother me about it, but that one really jumped out at me.

Re: Online Seminary

Posted: 21 Sep 2020, 12:38
by Roy
With school actually starting now and DD getting into the routine of her new distance learning environment, I told her that she could go to seminary at the church building just to experience it and see what it is all about.

DD said that if she goes once (just to check it out) then that will likely stir more questions and more prodding. "Why didn't you come back?" "Didn't you like it?" "Don't you miss us?" She also feels that going once will serve to weaken the sleep argument by demonstrating that she can wake herself up that early if only she has sufficient motivation.

I have to admit that she is probably correct on all those counts.

We as a family have put in place a boundary. To voluntarily go beyond that boundary may serve to confuse things and invite further well-meaning invitations.