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Re: Challenging discussion

Posted: 12 Jul 2020, 10:36
by SilentDawning
Gerald wrote:
04 Jul 2020, 05:06
So I guess I just want to say thanks to all who listen/read. Even if you don't comment, it's somewhat comforting to me to know that somewhere somebody knows how I feel.
I have these hit and run conversations with my wife about the church. I have learned to be positive. The only thing that reminds her that I'm not really firing on all the church cylinders is the fact that I don't wear garments, don't pay tithing (something that benefits her financially, so I think part of her doesn't mind) and have only a piddly calling in the church.

I find it's best to be positive about the church as much as possible, supportive, and this lessens the "damage" so to speak. At least in my relationship. You mileage may vary. I am glad that you had your conversation however, and that "no one got hurt" from the sound of it.

One principle that I like to share is the multi-dimensional nature of marriage. The church is one aspect, and your activity therein, but there are other things that trigger love. I like the marriage builders philosophy found at the website by that name (if it still exists). Meeting the top 3 needs of your spouse can keep love alive and compensate somewhat for the lack of activity in the church that "withdraws" from the relationship.

Re: Challenging discussion

Posted: 13 Jul 2020, 16:12
by Curt Sunshine
I am SO happy we have been here for you, Gerald - and that you have been here for us.

May there be a road, even if it is less traveled.

Re: Challenging discussion

Posted: 15 Jul 2020, 23:02
by desertghost93
It's always good to constantly be evaluating your faith; as well as being comfortable with being open about it. No one is perfect, and I think this applies to our personal faith as well. It's always a journey. And indeed a very personal journey. Only Christ knows truly what's in your heart. Faith is something that constantly evolves and changes. Sort of like welding. And as corny as this sounds, follow your heart.