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Re: Gospel and Ethics Land Mine

Post by SamBee » 05 Mar 2019, 14:32

On Own Now wrote:
05 Mar 2019, 11:12
In Atheism and Theism, alike, it is easy to find people who live by strong sense of obligation to do good and to avoid doing wrong. It is, unfortunately, also easy to find people in both groups who don't. So, from that standpoint, I don't believe that Atheists are any more susceptible to anarchy than any other group.

That said, I do think there is a valid argument for the what SamBee has said...
SamBee wrote:
04 Mar 2019, 17:39
... God is a useful myth (if not real) of course, which helps humanity function in a more civilized manner. Many, but not all, who believe in God, have the idea that their good and bad will be repaid.
If we were all altruistic and bound by our inner drive to act ethically, I don't think there would be so much need for laws and law enforcement.
There's a line in an old Smiths' song in which Morrissey says
And if you think peace is the common goal,/it goes to show how little you know
I really think this is the case. You might want peace, I might want peace, but that doesn't mean the person two doors down does. She might enjoy creating chaos and drama. The man across the street may secretly dream of power and asserting it over others.

There are people out there who do want your things, do want to fight and do want to do other things. And they're not a tiny minority - listen to the abuse some people shout at each other at sports games from the bleachers. Unfortunately we're not all altruistic. In fact I would go so far as to say as the people who try to be, don't manage it a fair percentage of the time.

Religion goes wrong when it becomes a mob, but it's right when it encourages kindness to other people.

Most people are a mixture of good and bad urges. I think nature and nurture both play a part.
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1ST PRES 1978 "[LDS] believe...there is truth in many religions and philosophies...good and great religious leaders... have raised the spiritual, moral, and ethical awareness of their people. When we speak of The [LDS] as the only true church...it is...authorized to administer the ordinances...by Jesus Christ... we do not mean... it is the only teacher of truth."

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