Root of my faith crisis - trust

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Re: Root of my faith crisis - trust

Post by Beefster » 10 Apr 2018, 08:31

I suspect Joseph Smith had sex with most of his wives who were not married to other men. There were 8 potential children of Joseph that all give DNA evidence that he was not the father, so going off pure chance (and poor intuition) would suggest that he did not have sex with them around their ovulations or he used some form of 19th century birth control. The easiest thing would be to say that he probably didn't have sex with all of his wives, especially the polyandrous ones.

But then running the numbers indicates that monthly sex (assuming 100% 1-shot fertility of both partners) with each wife gives him a roughly 75% chance of not fathering any of those 8 children. Good timing and primitive birth control can easily reduce that chance, especially when 8-11 of his wives are having sex with other men.

He probably had less sex than that, so his chances of not fathering children except with Emma are higher than you might intuitively expect.
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Re: Root of my faith crisis - trust

Post by Roy » 10 Apr 2018, 11:42

Beefster wrote:
10 Apr 2018, 08:31
I suspect Joseph Smith had sex with most of his wives who were not married to other men.
Brian Hales (The LDS polygamy apologist) seems to feel strongly that already married women that married JS therefore ceased to have marital relations with their original husband. The wife may continue to live with the original husband but supposedly that was just for show to keep polygamy a secret. Doctrinally, the idea is that all earthy covenants and promises not made through God's sealing power were done away. Therefore already married people are now unencumbered.

But back to my point... it all seems like splitting hairs to me.
JS married two sisters which was forbidden in the bible.
JS married a mother and a daughter which was forbidden in the bible.
JS did not tell his wife of each new marriage beforehand, denying Emma the opportunity to approve of these marriages under the law of Sarah.
JS used his position of authority to coerce marriage from young women he had authority over.
JS abandoned some of his wives once Emma made things difficult - leaving them in their now reduced marriageable state.
[Begin Sarcasm]
But, maybe JS did not sleep with his wives that were concurrently married to other men. Or, if he did, then surely those women were not having sexual relations with their legal husbands during that period. Really?!?!
[End Sarcasm]

It matters not to me if the polyandry of the Nauvoo period included actual sexual polyandry or if that was a line they refused to cross. It does not help me to feel any better about the whole thing. Not one bit.
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