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Re: Getting back your mojo

Post by SamBee » 22 Feb 2018, 07:57

I've consumed plenty of caffeine in my lifetime - decades worth. It disturbs my sleep patterns. It's like a wrestler, it picks you up then slams you down.

I do consume some from time to time in soft drinks even to this day, but very occasionally.

Having been on caffeine and off it, I think I am better off it.

However, no chemical whatsoever has succeeded in giving me a motivation or reason in life - that's something I have to work on myself. Antidepressants merely taught me that many of my issues are not in my head. There is no pill to change your surroundings, dismantle the crap in society or improve your life circumstances. They are a kind of pain killer - they don't always get rid of the cause of the pain.
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