Asking to be released...

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Re: Asking to be released...

Post by Beefster » 24 Jan 2018, 18:03

Very thought provoking, Heber. Maybe I just need a break from the teaching aspect or a better cop-out when the lesson on the week I'm supposed to teach clashes with my heterodoxy. (I managed to wiggle my way out of teaching lessons on eternal families)

As for the missionary calendar, I was sure to ask for a do not contact list as soon as the assignment was sprung on me. I also could spearhead that particular assignment in a different way by putting together a spreadsheet with everyone's availability using a Google form. I hate making phone calls. Always have.

The elders are split with a family ward again though, so that alleviates some responsibility. Maybe I'll just set up an arrangement where the family ward gets Mondays + ~2/3 of the other days since YSA wards generally don't have the life situation for feeding the missionaries well.
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Re: Asking to be released...

Post by Curt Sunshine » 24 Jan 2018, 20:23

Remember, if they call you, they get you. They don't get to define who they call; they simply extend the offer. If you accept it, they get you.

What's the worst that can happen? You get released. Wow, how terrible is that? :P
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Re: Asking to be released...

Post by Gerald » 27 Jan 2018, 05:55

My father was a bishop and he told me that one of the most surprising things about that calling was how many people said "no" to callings and how many people asked to be released. My wife was in the primary presidency a number of years ago and one of her teachers gained her release by slapping down the manual in front of her and loudly declaring that she wouldn't be back.

My ultimate point is that those who post on this list take their obligations seriously which is good. That seriousness of purpose is probably what in part led them to this discussion board. But many, many members are simply social Mormons and have little compunction in turning down a calling, or asking for a release OR simply not doing it until they are finally released. I'm not saying this is what should be done but that for those of us (I include myself) who take the commitment they make or will make seriously, a calling is a big deal and asking for a release feels like a significant betrayal of our word and honor. But I would venture that this attitude is in a slight minority in the Church (I know it is in my ward).

Maybe that's why we tend to see the same people in the high profile, high energy callings again and again and again. By the way, this:
The leaders were very clear and adamant that at least 10 hours be spent on the calling per week and we had to turn in logs of our time. Yeah.
is simply nuts! :thumbdown:
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Re: Asking to be released...

Post by Roy » 29 Jan 2018, 10:31

A big part of my effort to StayLDS is sustainability. I have found a happy medium where the benefits I receive from church participation feel pretty even with the costs. Part of that has to do with tithing (a different topic). Another major part of this is what calling I can do and feel competent at that also fits with my work/life balance. I do not think it inappropriate to help leaders know where I can best contribute.
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