Should I teach or should I pass for now . . .?

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Re: Should I teach or should I pass for now . . .?

Post by SilentDawning » 30 Aug 2017, 09:32

Some of us are professional teachers and can help. I have had to teach in the midst of commitment crisis. And there are lots of strategies -- what is the topic of the talk? What are the core ideas they want you to present? Share that and I'm sure we can give you ideas you can adapt and be authentic at the same time. If your experience is like some of ours, you may even end up teaching the best lesson your membership has ever heard because of your unique perspective -- without branding yourself as an unbeliever. It's an art but something I'm sure we can help you achieve. And it can help you gain a sense of commitment or belonging again....

So, what is the topic and the core ideas?
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Re: Should I teach or should I pass for now . . .?

Post by Lovemylife17 » 30 Aug 2017, 16:02

I would LOVE to visit other denominations once in a while but unfortunately I live in a very rural area and there is only LDS, Catholic and Jehovah Witness . . . :( However, I know there is a Buddhist temple in a surrounding area about 2 hours away, sooo with a little planning that could be arranged! With the internet though, and the help of my Dad, I'm sure I can find some great support in starting to learn about Buddhism! Also, thanks for clarifying because I've always called my dad a "Buddhist" :) whoops.

My son and his wife, both very active in their ward, visit other denominations regularly! They LOVE it! They have started a community garden which includes multiple faiths to create unity in their neighborhood. My son was the EQP at the time and his Bishop loved the idea!

I have asked a few sisters to share a song/hymn that is special to them as well as a short explanation why, my president loved the idea . . . I'm excited.

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