Thank you all, and adieu

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Re: Thank you all, and adieu

Post by wayfarer » 29 May 2014, 18:00

Peace, my friend. I have long lost any beliefs in the truth claims of the church...or any other church for that matter. Each person's solution, once coming to this place, is a bit different, and I do hope you keep in touch.

"Those who speak don't know, those who know don't speak." Lao Tzu.
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Re: Thank you all, and adieu

Post by Ann » 29 May 2014, 20:11

Thanks for all your thoughtful posts and comments, and I hope it turns out that you come back once in awhile. Best wishes.
"Preachers err by trying to talk people into belief; better they reveal the radiance of their own discovery." - Joseph Campbell

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust

"Therefore they said unto him, How were thine eyes opened? He answered and said unto them, A man that is called Jesus made clay, and anointed my eyes...." - John 9:10-11

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Re: Thank you all, and adieu

Post by Thoreau » 10 Jun 2014, 19:21

Farewell and may your journey be good.
“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” Henry David Thoreau

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