Special assignment by the SP

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Re: Special assignment by the SP

Post by DarkJedi » 27 May 2014, 03:21

Ray DeGraw wrote:
The topics all start with "come unto Christ through...," I'm supposed to try and make everything Christ centered

Yep, I think I am developing a man-crush on your Stake President. ;)
I've become quite fond of him myself. His focus on the one really rubs off. :thumbup:
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Re: Special assignment by the SP

Post by church0333 » 27 May 2014, 21:00

I was on the HC up unti about 7 months ago and my SP kind of asked me to do the same until I started doing it. I did say some things over the pulpit that got me called into his office. He read the talks and admitted that it was alright on the surface but he didn't want to deal with the fallout and he could tell that it was hard on me, so I was released. As Ray has said that if the call you they get you and when it works they will let you know and when it doesn't they will throw you under the bus and not think about you again. I was released, turned down a ward mission call and have slowed down my attendance in SS and PH and haven't heard a word from a single member of the HC or stake presidency. I was very opened in my exit interview and with my bishop. I also told the Stake leaders that I would be willing to talk to other that are struggling but I haven't heard a thing. I think that I am a lost cause when it come to church and I am ok with that.

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Re: Special assignment by the SP

Post by wayfarer » 29 May 2014, 17:46

Like Ray, I think I'm impressed with your Stake President. That he has called you to the HC knowing your issues, he has a purpose.

I suspect that the amount of disaffection in the church is rising to epidemic proportions. I moderate a Facebook group supporting those with faith challenges, and we are finding a dramatic increase in membership requests. We cannot keep up with them (we don't automatically admit, but try to grok why a person would want to join a faith support group).

I applaud your service, and sense that you'll do immense good as a steward to the disaffected.
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