Garments and body image

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Re: Garments and body image

Post by grobert93 » 16 Apr 2019, 05:37

rrosskopf wrote:
15 Apr 2019, 15:04
hawkgrrrl wrote:
15 Apr 2019, 11:58
Please educate yourself or at minimum, don't assume you know more than real women who have women's bodies.
I have nothing against designing more comfortable garments. I have a wife. She is going through menopause. You don't think I know the issues? I'm pretty sure that all those men who designed women's garments had wives as well, and I'm not entirely sure they weren't designed by women. I can't picture men doing the sewing in 1840. So please - fill free to explain how it is all the fault of ignorant men.
I believe the message that is trying to be expressed is that men have the final say in church related resources, such as the garments. Keep in mind that the majority of the men in the first presidency and quorum are of several generations past when cultural expectations and historical events were a lot different than they are now, and likely have forms of biases influencing the imperfections we observe today. Some women are comfortable or can deal with the garments, some women cannot. Same with men. I think that the problem is less that we as members should be faithful to a design and material flaw that causes medical issues, and more that we should encourage each other to determine for themselves how they wish to display their commitments to God, be in the form of underwear or otherwise. Many other (and even members in the lds church) Christians wear cross necklaces to represent their commitments. I think the Lord is less concerned about the physical abilities of man and more of their intentions to demonstrate their commitments.

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