OK, I'll try to listen with an open mind

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Re: OK, I'll try to listen with an open mind

Post by Roy » 22 Feb 2018, 12:51

AmyJ wrote:
22 Feb 2018, 12:33
For me, the acting definition I have is "Forgiveness means giving up my right to hurt you because you have hurt me." It means refusing to keep score while observing that there are developmental relapses in this area for some people.
Thank you for that. I like the definition. :thumbup:
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Re: OK, I'll try to listen with an open mind

Post by AmyJ » 22 Feb 2018, 13:01

PiperAlpha wrote:
09 May 2011, 10:17
That's one of the best sermons on forgiveness and trust I've ever heard. Thank you, Mercyngrace.

How then, do we forgive (as we are commanded to do) when we are so hurt that we don't want to...and that is just being honest?
For me, this question becomes a trust of time and doing your best to have the most positive/neutral behavior for it. I think that in times of great hurt, a person will work through the "Stages of Grief" towards that other person. Eventually acceptance is possible - and both parties can move on. To me, that does not mean that Party A becomes best friends with Party B. It just means that Party A may set specific (and lasting) boundaries regarding all interactions.
PiperAlpha wrote:
09 May 2011, 10:17
mercyngrace wrote:Because we extend this mercy from a perspective of honesty, we are going to set boundaries that protect ourselves and the offender such that both parties can begin to work toward renewed trust.
What if I don't want to build a renewed trust anymore for fear of being hurt again?
If it becomes a cost-benefit analysis that repeat unwise decisions will be made causing great hurt that can't be overcome over and over again, then I feel at times it is to gain distance from the situation.

I feel the greatest challenge fear has is that becomes a boogeyman of its own accord. If the fear is valid due to circumstances, than it is wise to give heed to it when setting up your environment and moving on as soon as possible. If the fear is because of what might happen - well there are a lot of things that might happen...

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