Keeping Life's Demands in Balance - Pathways Post

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Keeping Life's Demands in Balance - Pathways Post

Post by AmyJ » 12 Oct 2017, 08:34

One of the assignments we were asked to complete is to read M. Russell Ballard's talk "Keeping Life's Demands in Balance" from 1987 and talk about it. ... e?lang=eng

He had some good advice that he laid out in 8 principles (Setting Priorities, Setting Goals, Budgeting, Family Relationships, Scriptures, Rest/Exercise/Relaxation, FHE, and Prayer). Part of me finds this list daunting - there is a lot to work on there. For the last year or so I have been really focusing on my priorities - where do I spend my time? What really matters most to me? In the upcoming month, this will be a focus as well as I prepare for the familial invasions (from California, Arizona, and Wisconsin to Michigan) due to my daughter's baptism. I will be setting goals to bring the house up to par, and making sure that we have what we need on hand to be decent hosts. I also want to have thoughtful moments with my daughter as she prepares for this occasion.

Part of me also finds it interesting that callings and Sabbath day observance did not make the list - not sure if was because they didn't fit in his top 8, or whether he was just assuming that they were already part of daily life. He could have been designing his talk to be sensitive to those who don't have the luxury of a Sunday off.

How do you agree with the principles laid out, or would you had/remove principles? Which principle(s) would you tell your adult children about (present or future)?
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Re: Keeping Life's Demands in Balance - Pathways Post

Post by Roy » 12 Oct 2017, 14:59

For Church members to be able to balance their lives, Church leaders must be sure they do not require so much from members that they have no time to accomplish their personal and family goals.
That sentence alone was worth reading the entire talk!!!
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Re: Keeping Life's Demands in Balance - Pathways Post

Post by mom3 » 12 Oct 2017, 16:29

I like it.

I do note that the talk was from 1987. Long ago when the world wasn't so wicked. ;)

I think we need more messages like this. Embrace it. Share it. It may help balance the "other stuff" our religion gets burdened with.
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