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General Conference Discussion

Posted: 02 Oct 2009, 13:09
by hawkgrrrl
I thought it might be useful to put a thread out to discuss reactions to General Conference. Feel free to comment on what you found uplifting as well as anything you disliked, felt uncomfortable with, or want to discuss further. Knowing conference, there are bound to be both types of talks. Hope you all enjoy your wonderful GC weekend with your families and with a break from normal church!

Re: General Conference Discussion

Posted: 02 Oct 2009, 13:50
by MadamCurie
Thanks, Hawk!! This will be great!

Just an FYI, Mister Curie and I are doing a live-blog at my website as well for GC:, in case anyone is interested. We had a pretty good discussion in the comments going on with the RS General Broadcast. It should probably be noted that I am, um, a bit of a feminist. :D

Re: General Conference Discussion

Posted: 03 Oct 2009, 03:32
by MWallace57
Ok, as a divorced mother of three who worked full-time (and over-time), my loving older sister came to me one day and declared, "get rid of all the clothes that have to be ironed, use ONLY permapress". This was just one of the little time management tricks I had to learn. The ironing withdrawal was difficult at first. I think the part I missed the most was the stream. I actually had to buy one of those hand held stream cleaners. It helped. Next, I just graduated to that spray on dewrinkler. It smelled pretty good, not as good as starch, but if you inhale enough of it you can get your fix.

After just a few short months, I was off of ironing, almost completely. I even started to like the little permapress clothes my kids were wearing. I was actually saving about 3 hours a week. Sometimes, I even had time to read to my children instead of ironing!!!!

Then came the great day that a brand new RS President would speak to us, "we should all be in church with our children's clothes perfectly ironed". I think Deseret Industries has MY iron. I'll just have to go buy it back, but when I get there, it's already been sold. I guess I could just borrow an iron. My friend took an official poll and no one that I know actually has an iron. I, I, I, am just a hopeless mess of a Mormon and so are all of my friends.

Re: General Conference Discussion

Posted: 03 Oct 2009, 08:35
by Curt Sunshine
My youngest daughter has a soccer game that starts when the first session starts, so I will be catching up after that. Enjoy!!

Re: General Conference Discussion

Posted: 03 Oct 2009, 11:16
by Curt Sunshine
Got back in time to listen to the last half of the session. I really liked the talks I heard.

Did anyone else like the advice to prepare lessons with the manual but be willing to close them when inspired to do so?

or the statement that we need to love more than we need to worry about a long list of do's and don't's?

Re: General Conference Discussion

Posted: 03 Oct 2009, 14:21
by Curt Sunshine
I'm loving Elder Andersen's talk.

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Posted: 03 Oct 2009, 16:17
by Bruce in Montana
I hate to see Boyd Packer unable to get up to the podium. I've agreed and disagreed with him through the years but respected his opinions nevertheless.
I think it was him that come up with the idea that gay/lesbian issues, feminism, and intelectualism were the main threats to the Church. I can certainly understand a lot of folks here on the forum disagreeing with that :D .

Re: General Conference Discussion

Posted: 03 Oct 2009, 20:29
by just me
The first two talks of the morning were about learning to listen to and follow the Spirit. There was at least one other talk that focused on heeding the promtings of the Holy Ghost. I was so very happy to hear those sentiments.

Richard G. Scott when speaking about the Spirit said there are 2 important things the Spirit gives us. 1) The inspiration to know what to do. 2) The POWER to do it.

Vicki Matsumori pointed out the importnace of teaching others how to perceive the promtings of the Spirit. We should bear our testimonies of our experiences-what it feels like. It teaches us the "peaceable things of the Kingdom."

L. Whitney Clayton spoke of our tribulations and burdens. We must put off the natural man and become as a child. I loved how he mentioned that when our shortcomings are pointed out the "natural man" in us rises up and wants to point our finger at the other guy. So true!!! We should teach by the Spirit.

Bednar reminded us of the importance of setting our families in order. 1) Express and show love. Be sincere and frequent. 2) Bear and live your testimony. Don't be a phony or a hypocrite. 3) Be consistant. I think we all know the importance of being consistant in our words and actions. Teaching little ones calls for this, especially. He bore witness of Christ.

Ouchdorf gave a wonderful talk of love. It was so wonderful that I didn't take any notes on it. i plan to go back and listen again. This may have been my favorite today.

Callister spoke of the Church being the only way....basically the only place to find the answers to lifes questions and all that. Don't focus on the "unimportant" historical issues or Joseph's "minor" foibles. This is the "only true and living church" and Joseph Smith was/is a prophet of God. This talk was my least favorite because he made it sound like there are no legit issues people may be sincerely struggling with.

Watson gave a nice talk about the importnace of temperance. Be temperate in all things. Refrain from anger, use moderation and self control. Be humble and submissive.

Neil Anderson gave a great talk on the arms of the Lord's Mercy. The Lord desires us to come unto him and be wrapped in his arms of mercy. Father asks us to return to him. Change (change of heart). Repent. Repentance is a journey. I loved how he said that repentance is for everyone no matter what you have done in your life. God still wants us and will forgive us.

Okay I had to take care of kids and missed some stuff...

Not sure who said this...He spoke of the gift of the Holy Ghost. Promtings, prayer and revelation. Everyone can always pray! God wants to hear all our prayers. It is Satan that wants us to believe we aren't worthy to pray.

My husband, oldest son (12) and myself get to give talks in a couple weeks on what we learned this conference. My son went to his first Priesthood session tonight! And this will be his first talk in church as a youth. WOW!!!
So far, I am liking the message. I can easily give a talk about the importance of listening to the Spirit, mercy, love and being good to our families.

Re: General Conference Discussion

Posted: 03 Oct 2009, 23:37
by hawkgrrrl
just me - thanks for sharing your notes. I really liked E. Scott's talk and E. Uchtdorf's talks most of all. A few general observations:
- I heard a LOT more "believe" than "know" this time. Perhaps this is feedback that was received, or perhaps it's just serendipitous. Either way, I am very glad!
- So many talks were about love - that was also great to hear. Who can argue with that?
- E. Oaks' talk, which some will doubtless perceive as harsh, seemed like it was a deliberate upgrade on his homosexuality interview: 1) instead of telling parents what they should do with wayward children, he said parents are entitled to their own revelation, 2) he said it was an extreme approach (to be avoided) to shun one's wayward kids entirely, just as extreme as ignoring grievous sins, and 3) instead of referring to homosexuality specifically, he referred to sins like unlawful cohabitation (putting heterosexual and homosexual violations of the law of chastity on equal ground - making the objection be purely on the grounds of chastity, not sexual orientation). Anyway, it was a nice softening for Oaks although in contrast to other speakers, he still seems like the hard guy. What can you do?
- I liked E. Bednar's examples of what a failure some of his FHEs were. It was nice to hear some real stories that sounded like actual things we might have experienced.
- I wasn't a big fan of E. Callister's talk about JS either. It seemed a little simplistic and Stage 3 in terms of his views of the FV and JS.
- E. Uchtdorf referred to "heavenly parents" rather than just HF. We need more of that. It was a nice detail.
- E. Scott warning against pornography in the general session rather than just PH session might have been because of the stats that 25% of porn viewers are women, and the number is increasing.

I heard that the talk Ballard gave in PH about sons & fathers was really good.

Re: General Conference Discussion

Posted: 04 Oct 2009, 00:05
by MadamCurie
hawkgrrrl wrote:E. Scott warning against pornography in the general session rather than just PH session might have been because of the stats that 25% of porn viewers are women, and the number is increasing.
Interesting statistic, Hawk. Out of curiosity, is that all solo porn watching, or could some of that be couple porn? I ask since couple porn is increasingly common in non-LDS circles.