Good Day to be a Mormon...

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Good Day to be a Mormon...

Post by lotsofgray » 14 Nov 2017, 01:55

While I know most of our days of late are filled with what’s wrong with our history or beliefs, or culture – myself a hard self-critic of all of the above – there are times when I am proud to be associated with exceptional members or former members doing the right thing in the world of their own accord.

A few weeks ago I attended a community seminar at a local private university on the topic of truth in media (or the lack thereof). The keynote speaker was Richard Stengel, former editor of Time magazine as well as having served in the Obama administration as Under Secretary of State for Public Affairs. He is famously known for having selected Vladimir Putin for the cover of Time as “Person of the Year” in the mid 2000’s. He mentioned that his rationale for this selection had more to do with the actual look of the photo of Putin (complicated, devious, mysterious, etc.) and perhaps the veneer of statesman that he has been very successful in creating, than in any positive contributions to society overall.

I was wondering what the correlation might be with his background relative to the topic of media trust, but his rationale was predictably very enlightening having served in both private sector (Time magazine) and government (access to secure national intelligence information). He unequivocally came down on the side of Putin being intent on starting and fighting wars and attempting to destabilize other countries via a very sophisticated and well supported global internet propaganda machine as sort of a “soft” asset or weapon as compared to troops, guns, and machinery. That he learned how effective this could be via his time with the KGB.

I digress – the unintended compliment he gave to members of the Church came in two forms. He applauded Senator Flake’s recent speech denouncing current administration policies and governing “style” to which a majority of the 500+ in the audience erupted in applause. Admittedly this was mostly a baby-boomer audience (lots of very gray and white hair), but this event was being held at a very liberal arts college in a non-UT area of the country (not AZ, NV, ID, either).

A few minutes later Mr. Stengel mentioned he had been in the company of many foreign leaders during his time in government, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who had mentioned at some point that her respect and reverence for the United States had been influenced very strongly by the “candy bomber” drops over east Berlin, where she was raised as a child. Neither Mr. Stengel or Ms. Merkel to my knowledge would know to credit another member of the Church who initiated this effort during the Berlin lift period. Lt. Col Gail Halvorsen from Salt Lake City, an active member of the church for life, took the initiative of his own accord and saw the opportunity to make a difference. Little might he have known at the time that his decision would become the genesis of good feelings toward the United States by a future German Chancellor, who debatably now represents free market democracy in europe.

I like being associated with people who see opportunities to make a difference and take them. They aren’t waiting around to be “commanded in all things”.

Does anybody have other examples of this? I like hearing about church members going above and beyond just the church-called service to ourselves…

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Re: Good Day to be a Mormon...

Post by Roy » 14 Nov 2017, 09:38

Mormons are good people. I am especially impressed at their propensity to produce strong, happy, relatively well adjusted families.
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