An excellent viewpoint on prayer...

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Re: An excellent viewpoint on prayer...

Post by mom3 » 30 Oct 2017, 20:14

I have a friend whose son has leukemia. It took them completely by surprise. The journey is made harder by the fact that her husband/his father was killed by a texting collision. All they have is prayer.

Over the summer as the condition has lapsed again and again, she has kept up an online journal that she sends out every Monday. After the general update she leaves two columns. One for Praise. One for Prayer.

She is evangelical. She believes deeply in Prayer Warriors who beseech God with specifics. She has greater faith in His ability than I do. Though I can't say what God will do, I pray. I pray her list. I also try dang hard to be there as a friend. Time will tell what answers she receives. But I won't hold back a request just because I am uncertain. It will serve neither of us.
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Re: An excellent viewpoint on prayer...

Post by DarkJedi » 31 Oct 2017, 05:21

Curt Sunshine wrote:
30 Oct 2017, 19:45
Just to point out something important, the Lord's Prayer includes requests. If that is the model, there is nothing wrong with asking for things in prayer.

I don't like 100% the formulaic way we collectively pray, and I don't like some things that are requested in prayers I have heard, but generally asking for things in prayer is not something I mind.
Good point, although the things asked in the Lord's prayer are somewhat general. But I agree, and I don't have anything against asking for general sorts of things like, including forgiveness. If you sort of combine all the First Vision accounts it becomes more clear that Joseph Smith was mostly seeking forgiveness in his prayer and believes he got it. I have also asked forgiveness and felt peace during prayer as a result. I believe God is eager to forgive and if the accounts are correct Christ freely and immediately forgave everyone who asked him in the Bible. The church I used to attend was one that repeated the Lord's Prayer each service and encouraged members to say it outside church. I have done so and do still do so occasion. Sometimes it brings me peace. And, of course, it does include the element of asking forgiveness.
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