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Re: Inspiring Music

Post by SamBee » 26 Apr 2017, 13:55

Heber13 wrote:
26 Apr 2017, 11:39
I don't know why, but I don't find our church hymns inspiring much. I don't know that I have any favorites, as of late, I don't find I sing at church (because I suck and would rather listen to others who know how to do it).

I enjoy classical music on a quiet Sunday morning, but couldn't really name what I'm listening to. I find Collective Soul and Sting inspire me while I hike in the great outdoors.

All of that could change for me.
The problem is that they have been simplified to become easier to play and while that is good for amateur pianists/organists, it drains them of beauty.

Compare this to our version:
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Re: Inspiring Music

Post by mom3 » 28 Apr 2017, 09:53

Sam - Love that. Beautiful.

My friend sent this to me today. Her son-in-law is/was a member of this band. Not as a gorgeous as yours but a pretty uplifting compilation.
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