My Latest Favorite Anthem

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Re: My Latest Favorite Anthem

Post by Ann » 16 Feb 2017, 02:55

Minyan Man wrote:A question: can a ward choir director go ahead and use it in a sacrament meeting?
Hope so!

In my experience it all depends on the working relationships between the bishop and the ward music chairperson and choir director. How much trust and latitude does the bishop give, how much musical tastes align, etc. And what your choir enjoys.
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Re: My Latest Favorite Anthem

Post by SamBee » 16 Feb 2017, 09:53

What are the rules about hymns not in the current book? I was at a wedding where they sang "Jerusalem", and there are a number of decent LDS hymns which are not in the book but not offensive or containing obsolete doctrine.
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Re: My Latest Favorite Anthem

Post by lucysmack » 16 Feb 2017, 13:23

ohh, I loved that! Thanks for sharing.

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Re: My Latest Favorite Anthem

Post by Curt Sunshine » 18 Feb 2017, 18:44

Great song.

Ward choirs can sing whatever they want to sing - as long as the Choir Director doesn't ask for permission all the time (and Ian willing to be released if the choice is especially . . . Interesting. :P

Seriously, sometimes we simply ask too many questions. Pres. Kimball said, "Just do it" - so my defense would be that I was following the Prophet. :lol:
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