Exclusive claims and personal revelation

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Re: Exclusive claims and personal revelation

Post by NightSG » 16 Jan 2017, 12:10

Roy wrote:I am proposing that a member of the Q15 lives inside the bubble of their own assumptive reality. God rejoices for the good that they do and sorrows for the harm that they do.
Ah, but for so many LDS, even suggesting that one is still capable of harm or sin after being called as an Apostle is the height of apostasy. For others, it's just something they've never even pondered, and the shocked looks when they do are pretty interesting to see.

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Re: Exclusive claims and personal revelation

Post by Orson » 17 Jan 2017, 08:33

Thanks for your thoughts Roy, I think we are generally saying the same thing - with our individual word choice.

In a loose over-simplified way I will call physical truth "universal", and spiritual truth "subjective" and resting on personal experience. Of course we all wonder what is the physical reality of God? And we hope our spiritual experiences point to a physical universal truth. My thoughts are that our ability to comprehend the grand and eternal workings of God and the universe are severely limited by our mortal state. Think of a 2 to 3 year old's grasp of Santa Claus, they would not follow a conversation on possible origins of the story. As humans we may be arguing from our different religious perspectives about the anti-gravity or thrust theories that enable Santa's sleigh to fly, and missing the broader point about the purpose and spirit of the Santa story.

Orson Pratt got in trouble with Brigham Young for saying he would worship the attributes of God wherever he found them, but maybe he had a point that we should pay attention to.
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