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Recommended LDS Movie Review Channels

Posted: 28 Oct 2020, 05:36
by SamBee
Hi guys, I'd like to let you know about a couple of film review channels that are run by church members. Don't worry, they're not doctrinaire. Neither of these channels are obviously LDS, but they do share some of the values.

Both of these channels could do with more viewers and subscribers.

MRM is pretty prolific and reviews a lot of films. In my view she gives a pretty balanced take on each of them, and makes some good points. She also gives very good advice on the nature of the films, i.e. if you're going to watch a film with church members, she flags up any potential issues (bad language, steamy stuff, drug use etc) which may cause embarrassment. She isn't a puritan but it is useful to know. Plus I get a good idea of whether a film is worth seeing.

Her videos are short, i.e. under ten minutes.

This takes a slightly different angle and is a collab between an LDS therapist (Jonathan Decker) and a Mormon film buff. It will be of especial interest to people on here because they tend to look at the spiritual and moral messages to be found in films such as Groundhog Day, LOTR, Frozen and so on. I really like these guys too, but occasionally they can be on the woke side.

(If you want to give them a try, watch their three videos on the LOTR, in which they take a value from each of the films we can apply in real life.)

These guys' videos tend to be in the 10-20 minute range.

Re: Recommended LDS Movie Review Channels

Posted: 28 Oct 2020, 16:29
by Roy
Thanks for the recommendations SamBee,

I do like to check some reviews for movies before I watch them and especially before I watch a movie with my kids.

Re: Recommended LDS Movie Review Channels

Posted: 14 Nov 2020, 15:02
by SamBee
"So many dramas revolve around family dysfunction that it's refreshing to spend time with a healthy one."

Cinema Therapy discusses Greta Gerwig's "Little Women"

Re: Recommended LDS Movie Review Channels

Posted: 16 Nov 2020, 10:34
by Roy
My family watched a good film on the recommendation of Movie Review Mom

Re: Recommended LDS Movie Review Channels

Posted: 17 Nov 2020, 05:01
by SamBee

I think she gives very fair reviews of films. Her review of the recent Bill & Ted movie was on point, but without containing spoilers.

I'm not a fan of "trigger warnings" as such or censorship, but forewarned is forearmed. I think the film industry has a habit of slipping things in nowadays - you can be watching a film which is okay, for forty minutes or so, and then something happens in it, which totally blindsides you, sometimes even a sex scene etc out of the blue. I'm fairly unshockable, and have seen most things onscreen, but even I have my moments. I caught a biopic of Tina Turner (I think) on late night TV once, and at one minute she's arguing with this guy and then the next he's hitting her and throwing her against walls and furniture. I had to switch it off. There are ways the film could have dealt with this horrible subject without full on depicting it. (I know domestic violence does happen regularly, but I find it distressing to watch. In real life I report it straight away to the police, like a man I witnessed punching a woman repeatedly on the street.) I have seen films which have dealt with the difficult issue of child abuse in a sensitive way, for example, and that is by *not* showing the acts, but the aftermath, because that is what victims have to deal with in the long term.