An Unusual Boy

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An Unusual Boy

Post by Roy » 19 Mar 2020, 15:17

I vacillated between posting this here or in history. I ultimately settled on Media Review.

An Unusual Boy is a third person narrative about the young JS. I believe it to be a work of historical fiction chiefly because it gives some dialogue that (while plausible) I do not believe anyone could know for sure. This is similar to many other books and films that are "based on true events." Many of the events described are true to the early JS story.
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Re: An Unusual Boy

Post by Khadijah » 22 Mar 2020, 22:22

Looking at the great figures in the Bible, just lots of them had failings, some of them serious ones. So, JS defying God on Polygamy is no surprise. Jacob 2:24 is an example. Anyone here is more expert than I am on Mormon works. For me, God stated clearly that one wife was enough. Then Brigham Young did the same thing.

As to the things in his youth that he spoke of, I am not surprised.

I find it remarkable that despite these fools, so many of the local membership have been so sweet and loving. That is the real miracle of the church.

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