Charles Taylor: A Secular Age

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Charles Taylor: A Secular Age

Post by hawkgrrrl » 28 Dec 2016, 11:25

I did a VERY brief overview of Charles Taylor's A Secular Age (based on James K.A. Smith's book about it "How (Not) to be a Secular").

So far, this is the best read I've ever done to understand why people are struggling so much with faith in our time. It was fascinating. For another great insight, don't miss Andrew S.'s comment.
The premise behind Charles Taylor’s book is trying to understand how we went from the mindset in which disbelief in God was almost unimaginable to a situation in which the opposite is true; yet the book somehow avoids the tropes of both fundamentalist believers as well as militant atheists. It’s a very thoughtful treatise on how modern life is experienced by believers, skeptics, deists and atheists. A big part of this shift is that the conditions of belief have changed. We have more viable possibilities available to us in terms of belief, and we also have different underlying assumptions than people did a few hundred years ago. Since assumptions are the water we swim in, we are mostly unaware of them.
One of my personal conclusions is that because of the date of the restoration, Mormonism is actually one of the most secular religions out there, combining the worldly with the religious. We are also very focused on human flourishing rather than transcendence because we view God as having a body of flesh and bone. I recommend reading my primer and then deciding if you want to buy either of the books. The Smith one is a much shorter read, but it kind of makes me want to read Taylor himself next. I did read some Taylor directly, having found this free pdf on line:

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Re: Charles Taylor: A Secular Age

Post by Reuben » 28 Dec 2016, 18:02

Thoroughly enjoying it so far. I got to here before feeling I really needed to comment:
This way of living is foreign to us in our day. We can’t comprehend the lived experience in which a single religious worldview was so fully enmeshed in society that there really was no alternative available or even understood for the majority of people.
Having lived in Provo, I think I can relate. :D
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Re: Charles Taylor: A Secular Age

Post by mom3 » 28 Dec 2016, 19:55

On my kindle. Can't wait.
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